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“Dear Shadi, Thank you for creating a wonderful space and opportunity for me to re-charge and refresh. I leave Kismet enriched by the wonderful experiences I had here. You are a most generous, gracious host; your time and attention these past days a true gift.”


Experience a healing retreat & a true resort getaway

"Welcome, at the Kismet Inn you will find an array of healing modalities and resources to support you on your journey to wellness.  Our approach to working with the body is comprehensive and holistic.  There are many intricate layers to the fabric of our being and body work is one pathway to restore balance on all levels.  Working with the body through massage and yoga can have a profound effect on one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.   The root cause of the majority of disease is simply an imbalance in one or more aspects of our lives that manifests itself in infinite ways.  Whether you are healing from a past trauma, working through a life transition, are feeling over-stressed or simply want to stand taller and feel better the inn and Kate Nicholson are here to support you on your path to inner balance."

The Treatments take place in varied places ~ Yoga is offered by Kate at the inn's magnificent yoga studio with wide pine floor, sky lights and windows from all directions, the Body Work/Massage Therapy is also offered by Kate in a beautiful space filled with light, wooden floor with radiant heat and the Body Exfoliation offered by Shadi only to females takes place in the privacy of your bathroom.  After the treatments tea is served with homemade pastry. The treatments can be done at a time of your choosing, however, we recommend them before 5 or 6 pm, in order to give you time to get ready for dinner.

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Tandem Massage

Kismet Inn is now offering TANDEM MASSAGE!   Four hands are better than two.   A tandem massage is when two massage therapists work simultaneously on one client. We incorporate a variety of massage strokes at times synchronizing on either side of the body and other times working areas of the body differently. The affects are incredibly deep relaxation and a renewed sense of balance in the mind and the body. Call or email to treat yourself or a loved one to this extraordinary experience (207) 443-3399

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