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You don't have to be a guest at Kismet Inn to enjoy our dinners, afternoon tea, exfoliation and other services. Reservations can be made by calling 207-443-3399 or by email: stay@kismetinnmaine.com

December 2011

Cnn Travel as Top Ten Coastal Inns in the entire U.S.A

May 2011

From Yankee Magazine as Best Resorative Retreat

Steam showers, Japanese soaking tubs, all-natural linens, spa servcies, and made-from-scratch meals prepared with primarily organic and locally sourced foods welcome guests to Shadi Towfighi's sublime B&B, downtown oasis of tranuility.

May 2011

Honk if you Love Lobster! Mentioned in Coastal Living May 2011

August 2009 From Maine Sunday Telegram

In one of the oldest parables about hospitality, we are urged to imagine the stranger at the door as a god.  If we welcome that guest and offer a meal, we bringhonor to our hosehold.  Shadi Towifhgi, innkeeper at Kismet Inn is Bath, has taken that story to heart. Caring, it's an Inn thing

May 2009 From The Coastal Journal
Afternoon tea athe elegant Kismet Inn in Bath features custom-blended teas steeped in samovars and homemade pastries prepared by innkeeper Shadi Towfighi,.  Confetions could include baklava with homemade phyllo dough, carot jam, or seasonal berries with goat-milk gelato, organic and locally sourced when possible.

2009 Number 1 From Maine Food & Lifestyle
How Do you Take Your Tea?
The tea is prepared using brewing methods similar to an old-fashined Samovar - a coal-heated metal container that holds and slowly brews a teapot filled with tea concnetrate...Her custom blends combine a mixture of black teas including Earl Gry, Gunpowder, and Assam along with spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg.  She stores her blends in airtight containers where the tea remains for  six months to a year before first use.  She says the aging process allows the tea's natural flavor to intesify.  Along with the tea she serves a plate of homemade confections, including petite almond cookies, butter cookies with raisins and sugar, and a cookie called Kamar Bareek, flavored with a chickpea nut flour.

March 2009 From The Promenade Newspaper
Maine in September...
Maine in the September "shoulder season", that period of time between Labor Day and the time when visitors come to see the Fall foliage, may be one of nature's best kept secrets. The weather is cool but not freezing, the inns and resorts are not overflowing and there is still a hint of the coming color explosion.

Kismet Inn - Bath, Maine
Our first multi-day visit was in Bath where we experienced the Kismet Inn, where owner and host Shadi Towfighi offered homegrown organic herbs and vegetables, slow food philosophy, Japanese style soaking baths and a "we can do it now or do it later" approach to just about everything from afternoon tea to the evening dinner.

October 23, 2008 From the Portland Phoenix

She’d begun cooking long before I arrived. On the counter were bowls of rice and yellow split peas soaking in water, and a bowl of homemade tomato sauce, which she’d made from organic farm tomatoes (sun-drenched on her porch for weeks “for more vitamin C”), cooked on low with garlic, black pepper, and a mix of thyme, oregano, and dill. She opened a spice jar and gave me a whiff of her homegrown herb blend. My sinuses awoke. And so our cooking session went, moment by moment revealing more details than I can possibly record.

July 29, 2007 From the Boston Globe

BATH, Maine -- If a rule of thumb for bed-and-breakfasts is that floral blossoms burst from bedspreads and wallpapers, Kismet Inn departs from practice, radically.....I opted for the exfoliation, with some trepidation. It sounded rather intense. It was.At 4:30 p.m., I began a one-hour soak in the 3-foot-deep, sage green tiled bath. As steam swirled overhead, Towfighi used a cloth of woven goat's hair and rubbed it with a solid mass of sheep's fat and sand. She firmly scrubbed my skin for some 40 minutes, and then used pumice on my feet. She departed, leaving a bottle of almond oil for me to spread on my skin. In a fluffy white robe, I sat on my yellow couch and sipped black iced tea spiced with cardamom and nibbled almond cookies.I felt calm and exquisitely clean. Please click on the link to read the full article. Innkeeper grants guests a happy fate in Bath, Maine

May 2007 From Down East, The Magazine of Maine

Bath Time

Serenity will be yours at the Kismet Inn where yoga steam showers, and spa services  augment the typical Bed and Breakfast offering. 

Summer 2007 From Traveller - The Intelligent Travel Magazine (formerly a London based mazagine)

The Maine Attraction

THE ANTITHESIS OF CORPORATE HOTES AND VAST SPA villages, Kismet Inn is a jewel of a hotel in Maine, lovingly createdd with the warmth of genuine hospitality and with each detail the culmination of a personal vision.  Each of its five rooms is individually designed and decorated, with custom-made beds and each has a unique bathroom in which to experience the special treatments on offer.

 Three of the bathrooms have steam showers, complete with spray jets and heated 'river rock' floors set with pebbles, while the remaining two contain deep bathtubs - similar to Japanese tubs in which you can sit soaling uprgiht - tiled and desinged to recall the hammams of the Orient.

Spa treatments such as various masages and even Reiki are available in your room, but the magic touch is the traditional hammam cleansing ritual, which takes place in your own bathroom.  After soaking or steaming for 20 minutes to open up the pores of the skin, a therapist will come and scrub the whole body with an abrasive, natural fibre mitt known as kiseh, using a traditional exfoliant from Iran called sephid aab, and pumice on the feet.  Dead skin comes off in long rolls, leaving skin deeply cleansed.  Sour cherry juice or iced water is brought up to stop dehydration and after the scrubbing, you are left alone to rinse off the dead cells and luxuriate in the feel of the softest skin you will have ever had.  Fragrant scented tea and delicate Persian sweets round off the exerience - a woderful rejuvenating treatment and absolutely unique in the United States.

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