“If I were to try to imagine the most exquisite tea, in the most magical setting, prepared by the most warmly charming hostess, I would have imagined our afternoon tea of today! It was my tea dream come true.”



dinnerThe inn also serves dinner but only on sufficient notice and restricted to one party or small group at a time; since I cook everything on a very low heat/gas cook top, an unhurried process of many hours, to quicken the pace in order to accommodate a larger scale, I believe, will adversely affect the quality of the meal; and when I do occasionally cater a bigger event, like a wedding or birthday, I usually set aside several days of prior “slow cooking” so as not to compromise on standards. Typically these dinners consist of lamb or chicken, served with exotic rice and lots of saffron, and with spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and cumin. The lamb is from a farm only 12 miles from the inn. In preparing lamb, every single piece of fat is removed and the meat cooked with different spices without any water added, allowing the absorption of the rest of the ingredients in the pot while freeing the lamb’s unique flavor. My chicken, always organic and free range from a nearby specialty farm, is cooked in the same way. Other dinners may feature quinoa pasta, vegetarian dishes, or various kinds of quiche and a very particular fish dish.

{ Dinner Menu }
  All the ingredients are organic, natural and local .. if not local to Maine then they are indigenous to their origin.  Everything is made from scratch, even the tomato paste by Shadi Towfighi, the owner and innkeepr of Kismet Inn bed and breakfast spa.  There are absolutely no additives, canned or shelved ingredients used in any of the dishes. 



The pickles are made by Shadi with all organic ingredients... it is a very different kind of pickle

Assortment of Goat & Sheep Milk Cheese by 'Appleton Creamery'


Depending on availability and season - Mesculin green mixed with arugula and other spicy greens sprinkled with toasted seeds such as sesame, sunflower and flax, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh lemon, salt and pepper.


Depending on the vegetable and the season it will be either steamed or slow cooked or sauteed in homemade ghee.



lamb, garnanzo bean, kindney beans, potato, tomato sauce, onion, garlic, dired lemon, basil, mint, savory. The dish is cooked for about 6 hours on very low heat, the gravy is served seperately with lavash followed by the meat & the rest.

Chicken Pomegranate Stew
Pomegranate sauce with walnut and chicken stew (sauce) served with white or brown Indian basmati rice.

Dill weed with lima bean rice
either brown or white rice. This can be served with either chicken or lamb.

Jewel Rice
Made with white Indian Basmati rice, slivered pistachio, almonds, raisins, julienne carrots, barberries, orange peel, lots of saffron. Served with lamb or chicken made with saffron.

Lamb Couscous

Lamb shanks, vegetables, couscous and spices

Lamb stew
Eggplant, yellow split peas, tomato paste and tamarind served with rice and saffron.

Quinoa Pasta with Pecan & Chicken  

Quinoa with scallops & peacan

Wild Salmon with ginger, lime & white basmati rice

Sour cherry rice with lamb
this is made with white Indian basmati rice.

Spicy scallops with Vegetables white Basmati Rice

Tamarind Fish Stew
served with White Indian basmati rice. Ingredients of the stew are: tamarind, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, onion, roasted flour, saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin.

Vegetarian Dishes

Green bean rice
white or brown basmati rice with green beans, wild mushrooms, tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes.

Lentil Rice
white or brown basmati rice with lentils, wild mushroom and raisins.

Quinoa Pasta Rogue
Different vegetables such as brussels sprouts, asparagus, red and green pepper, tomato.

Quinoa with Wild Mushrooms

7 different kinds of mushroom/oyster, matsutake, shiitake, chanterelles, Black Trumpet, Boletes, Lobster, Morels with lots of garlic, onion, vegetables.

Spinach & Roasted red pepper lasagna

Vegetarian Couscous

White Basmati Vegetarian Rice With cashews

Wild Rice with Wild Mushrooms

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